There is a common misconception that the only people who donate monthly are those who sponsor kids. In reality, WECO Uganda's monthly partners are the true champions of the work that is taking place in Uganda.

WECO Uganda needs monthly partners in all areas of the organisation. We hope that you will respond to the tugging on your heart and give toward which ever of WECO Uganda's projects speaks loudest to you!


If you've got some cash and are wondering where to give it, here is no better place than right here! There is no way to adequately explain how important you are to WECO Uganda. We are so thankful for your sacrifices of time and money on behalf of our people! Thank you for responding to the call to give!


WECO Uganda has always made it a point to celebrate the birthdays of each of our kids. Every month we host a birthday celebration! Sometimes it consists of a party at WECO Uganda, other times it is a movie night, and every once in a while we go out for swimming and fancy dinner at a beach!

So what does this mean for YOU? How can you partner with us to celebrate the fact that these kids were born? Well, we know that you, too, have a birthday! Our challenge is to ask your friends to help you share your birthday with the kids at WECO Uganda. Use your special day to raise money for the birthday party at WECO Uganda.


Social media has become an incredible way to make a statement and support a cause. WECO Uganda needs people who will use their social networks in order to raise awareness about what WECO Uganda is doing in Uganda, East Africa!

Another option is to host a sponsorship party in your home! Invite your friends over, feed them some delicious food, tell them about WECO Uganda and show them the faces of the sweet and beautiful kiddos that call WECO Uganda "home."

If you want to connect with WECO Uganda and get some info for your event, click the link, fill the form and we will be in touch!"