We believe that no girl should miss school, just because they are on their period

Bukakata road, Luvule - Masaka
Donation : $600 / $1,800 Stand with girls

Without access to clean water, good toilets and sanitary towels, girls can miss up to a week of lessons every month when they are on their period. They fall behind in class, and can be forced to drop out of school altogether.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 1/10 girls miss school during their period.
Across rural Africa, 9 million will never attend school.
Girls are forced to miss 1 week of school each month because of their periods.
We're giving girls access to clean water, good toilets and sanitary towels, so that they can manage their periods with dignity.

We're also training teachers to run menstrual hygiene classes, where girls are taught how to make reusable sanitary towels. At the classes they have open discussions about periods, which is helping to reduce the stigma and makes girls feel more comfortable.

We're taking action against the stigma surrounding periods, and the prevalance of poor menstrual hygiene by running menstrual hygiene classes, building toilets and washing facilities for girls.

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