The impact of books

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  • In 2019 story books were supplied our children's school.

The story books are helping young children to develop their reading abilities. They include traditional stories and fables, fiction books, riddles, songs, poems and factual books.

Teachers and pupils were overjoyed with the arrival of the books as it is the first time young students have access to age appropriate reading books.

The impact of this project cannot be overstated – now, these young children can learn to read, making them far more likely to complete school.

Maria, a teacher at WECO Uganda School, said: “The books are good with simple sentences for early grade reading and are designed to match the curriculum. The books are nice, with attractive pictures of animals, birds, and people familiar to the pupils.”

Flavia, a student from the same school, said: “We practice reading to each other and to the whole class. Now I can read some simple short stories and I’m sure these books will help my reading skills.”

This would not have been possible without the generous support of Katja and Friends from Austria.