Every child should have access to clean water and well constructed toilets at school.

Bukakata road, Luvule - Masaka
Donation : $1,000 / $4,800 Help make this a reality

Without access to clean water at home and school, children can be forced to walk miles to get a drink and wash. They often have to drink dirty water from swamps, which can make them ill with diseases like cholera. They end up missing lessons, and falling behind in class. believe that no should be forced to study outside, or in a dangerous environment.

Children also struggle without good toilets at school. Toilets are often makeshift - their plastic walls fall down in the wind, they overflow and cannot be emptied, and some start sinking into the ground. We believe that no child should have to survive in these conditions.

The average Jerry can, a container for water collection weighs over 40lbs when full.

Fewer than 1/3 people in rural Uganda have access to a proper toilet.
In rural Uganda a trip to collect water takes 33 minutes on average.

We're drilling boreholes in villages and building toilets at schools, so that children can focus on their learning.

It sounds simple, but this means everything for a child's dignity in a village and at school.

Help drill a borehole for a village

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